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The Motor Trade Association of South Australia’s Automotive Innovation Hub is open for business!

The Automotive Innovation Hub is a space for the industry to collaborate to drive the next stage of automotive innovation and upskill our future workforce through enhanced learning and innovative technology.

Inaugural partner of the Automotive Innovation Hub and Australian based innovative leader, Tradiebot Industries, has contributed a number of new technologies and training solutions that showcase advances in productivity, efficiency and developments within the automotive service and repair sector. These new technologies include the practical use of virtual and augmented reality, simulations and 3D printing.

The hub facilitates innovative leaders and businesses, allowing them to take a leadership role with the MTA in promoting the exciting opportunities emerging in the automotive service and repair sector to schools and job seekers.

What can you bring to South Australia’s first Automotive Innovation Hub?

Open for Collaboration

The initiative is in its early stages, with talks of potential collaborative partners from local automotive manufacturers (OEMs), automotive businesses, suppliers, government bodies and industry associations who can add value to the Hub and its objectives.

Technologies and Innovations

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

3D Printing


Technology Partner

Tradiebot Industries is a leading Auto Innovation company that is both a pioneer and fast follower of Industry 4.0 technologies, working with key industry partners, universities and government bodies to showcase the very best of automotive innovation and advancing technology.

An industry leader in applications such as augmented reality (AR), virtual training (VR), robotic repairs and additive manufacturing – 3D printing using advanced materials for the repair of plastic car parts. 

Tradiebot is developing interactive platforms and automated systems that can provide digital knowledge that bring repair methods to life, fast track routine jobs, automate repairs, provide training, and deliver an up-skilled workforce.

Our solutions integrate and evolve seamlessly with businesses and industry, providing digital tools for cost reduction, new skills and time management, quality control, management to OEM, auto repair and training networks.

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